Care & Repair

Taking Care of your new countertop

Strong, Durable and easy to clean… Granite has several advantages over other countertops. Because granite is so strong and durable, it will last for years with little effort on your part. Cleaning granite is as simple as wiping it down with a wet washcloth. The granite slabs are sealed to prevent staining and this clear finish is what makes them so easy to clean.

Avoid harsh cleaning products….Granite countertops are affected by acidic home cleaning products, which can eat away at the polished surface. Homeowners should use natural cleaning products when washing counters, or stick to soap and water.

Misconceptions…The most prevalent misconception about granite countertops is that they need sealing on a frequent basis. This is untrue. Quality granites are resin-coated, which prevents the formation of permanent water marks and makes frequent sealing unnecessary. In order to maintain the granite’s luster, sealing twice a year is sufficient.

Return on investment…When properly cared for, granite countertops have the potential to add value to your property and will positively contribute to your home’s decor.

What to do if you have staining or damage to your natural stone!? Timestone offers repair services as well as preventative services!

If staining or damages affect the stone, it is best to call Timestone and see what appropriate measures you should take. Timestone offers repair services as well as preventative services such as sealing. If chips and cracks happen, they are also repairable but make sure to keep the chipped pieces so the repairer can use them at the time of the repair.

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