If you wish to achieve a natural look but do not want to think about maintaining and resealing your countertop regularly, quartz is definitely the best option for you. Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral, and in ground-up form it is combined with resins to form a hard surface much like engineered granite. Quartz is one of the hardest minerals found on earth, second only to the diamond. And most quartz countertops are well over 90% quartz, which gives it the hardness and lack of porosity needed for the heavy demands of cooking.

Quartz countertops, are nearly twice as strong as natural granite. Quartz products are nonporous so they do not need to be sealed and are resistant to mostly all types of stains. The nonporous composition of these products also keeps them from bacteria, making them suitable for commercial use. Homeowners like the low-maintenance benefits of quartz countertops.

We carry different brands of quartz including MSI, HanStone™,  TCE®.

A very popular choice in today’s homes, quartz is a clean, versatile and dynamic choice for counters. Made of approximately 93% natural quartz, it is mixed with a small amount of pigments and polyester resins for strength, flexibility and resilience. It has the strength and durability of granite

Unlike granite, quartz products, because they are manufactured normally have a regular pattern. Newer quartz products include veins and patterns. Because quartz are engineered almost any type of colour can be brought out in the surface by pigmentation. Other types of organic materials such as stone and glass can also be incorporated into the quartz-resin mixture.

This explains recent increase in popularity of quartz.

Please contact our showroom for information on NEW Marble-like and Granite-like quartz.

Quartz has a high gloss finish and non-porous nature which provides maximum resistance to staining and no sealing is required.

We would be happy to show you the quartz options available along with all the other products in our showroom. Come in and let us help make your house your dream home!

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TCE Stone

HanStone Quartz

Premium Quartz Natural

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